Choose your path to the Inferno Lifestyle

Below are the 2 different options that we currently offer to reach your training goals whatever they may be. What sets us apart from other sites is that we focus on giving you a truly personalized experience that you can't get from a generic online training program. Everyone has different body types and goals and instead of ignoring that at IF, we guide you to the results you truly want!


Custom 10 Week Workout Program

If you are looking for a full custom workout program that will give you the ability to achieve and surpass any goals you may have, this is the path for you! Fitness level does not matter because your needs will be paired with the proper specialist on our team to provide a program and experience that fits only to YOU!

Sports Specific Programs, Military Fitness, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting,  or just trying to look and feel better, we craft it all.



Elite Membership

Become fully immersed in the Inferno Lifestyle and get trained by the Owner of Inferno Fitness himself.  An Elite membership includes a workout and nutrition program created by Mike, an online profile to track your progress, weekly calls to keep you on the right track to your goals, and much more.  There is limited availability to become Elite, so sign up now if you KNOW this is what you want.