Mike Coppolino, Founder

Brian Smith, Director of Social Media

Alex Bolt, Director of Marketing

Guy Shelby, Filming

Mike McElwein, Audio


How it all began...

It takes truly a personalized experience to make lasting changes to your body because there is no perfect plan that molds to everyone.  The idea of Inferno Fitness and the unique experience it offers was inspired by Mike Coppolino on an 8 hour car ride he took up the East Coast in 2014. Inferno Fitness has a passion for helping others reach their goals and teaching the principles unique to a healthy lifestyle.  Every member of our team brings a different skill set to the table, which makes us the BEST place to be for anyone wanting to improve their fitness and health.  

Mike initially realized his passion for fitness the first time he stepped into a weight room with his High School football team. A severe knee injury ended his football career, but not his hunger for reaching an elite level of fitness. While attending the Virginia Military Institute from 2013-2016 Mike was able to further his fitness knowledge by taking courses in the Exercise Science department as well as working with hundreds of other Cadets over the 4 years to reach their health goals.  Mike has competed in a number of sports including football, baseball, lacrosse, swimming, olympic lifting, and powerlifting, where he finished off his collegiate career at the 2016 USAPL Nationals in Providence, RI.  Mike currently trains for a more complete level of fitness needed in the military that involves strength training, calisthenics, and cardiovascular endurance.  Whether it is running a half marathon, putting up heavy weight in the gym, or learning complex bodyweight movements like a muscle-up, Mike has experience in every facet of fitness and enjoys nothing more than sharing his own knowledge and constantly learning more from others in the fitness community.  He is currently serving on Active Duty as an Officer in the Marine Corps as well as building the brand of Inferno Fitness to show       people how to be healthy while living even the busiest of lifestyles.  

Although the experience and backgrounds of the IF team are impressive, the future holds unlimited opportunities to progress as the world of fitness constantly grows around us. One thing is certain though; Mike and his team can be counted on to work harder and with more passion than anyone else to help YOU reach your goals and live a healthier lifestyle.